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"thought it was great!
My kids really enjoyed it and learned lots.
They especially love the little city course.

Great program! "

BICYCLE CAMPS - Sorry, we're not running bicycle camps until further notice.
"thought it was great!
My kids really enjoyed it and learned lots.
They especially love the little city course.

Great program! "

summer safety bicycle camps

Children Bicycle Safety
This is a multilevel bicycle safety program for cyclists of age 4 to 12, which runs throughout July and August. There are four levels within the program to cater to the variety of skills and ages.



LEVEL 1T (4-8 Years)

Level 1T is for students who are on training wheels. We will enroll a maximum of ten students but we must have a minimum of five students in order to run the class.

This class is not designed to teach your child to ride without training wheels but will teach them the basics of cycling and road safety.

The cost is $75.00.


Level 1 (4-8 years)

Develops basic riding skills such as steering abilities, braking and a general introduction to the rules of the road. Please note that our program is not designed to to teach your children how to ride, but to help build their confidence and have fun while riding.

Requirements: Students must be able to stop and start on their own. We will no longer accept students with training wheels in this level.

The cost is $95.00.


level 2 (6-12 years)

This will teach bike riders the necessary skills to ride in traffic safely. Skills such as signals, shoulder checking, passing and a more in-depth view of the rules of the road.

Requirements: Should have completed our level 1 or have been riding for sometime.

The cost is $115.00.


level 3 (min. age 7)

10 km Bike Hike. This is a defensive Bike Riding course.
Requirements: Should have completed our level 2 or have been riding for some time. Minimum of 7 students in order to run the class.

The cost is $115.00



HELMETS ARE A MUST - a hockey helmet DOES NOT provide the same protection as a bicycle helmet. Helmets will be properly sized on the first day of class.

PROPER CLOTHING - our program runs no matter what the weather. Be prepared with warm clothes, gloves or mitts, rain gear, sunscreen, bug spray, cap, and proper footwear (no sandals and no open toes).

SNACKS - we take a break each day and all that we have on site is water. Please send a snack with your child. We do have a fridge on site for keeping juices/snacks cool.

BIKE HIKES - for Level 1, 2 and 3 only. No bike hike for Level 1T. It is important that your child bring their snack and extra clothing and sun screen (if necessary) in a back pack that fits, or a waist pouch, or some other SAFE carrying device. It will be up to the instructor as to the level of bike hike the students go on.

Our level 2 program hike is a longer hike and if the student is not a strong rider or has a single gear bike, the instructor has the option of placing them on the level 1 bike hike. Parents are encouraged and welcomed to join us on our hikes.


Community events

The Bike Safety Programs are also available to community groups and other events. Instructors will come out to your location. Call the Calgary Safety Council at (403) 287-2990 for further information.