Pedestrian Programs

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Each year an alarming number of people are involved in accidents, in all types of situations and locations. The saddest of all are those involving children. Evidence suggests that children are often living in a world of play when they are in the traffic environment.

Many studies have been made by various agencies as to the most effective approach to traffic education. It is the general conclusion of all studies that the hazards of the streets are indelibly inscribed in the minds of the young, if such training is given to children in their formative years. Safety City provides this environment in an actual miniature city, complete with streets, traffic lights and classrooms.

  • This program is centered towards children ages 4 to 6 years of age.
  • The program is held at our Safety City location during April -June and September-October.
  • Each class is 90 minutes in duration.
  • Important Note: It is imperative that classes arrive on time and that buses are ready to leave immediately after the conclusion of the 90 minute program due to other incoming classes, and to ensure administrative duties are fulfilled.
  • During this time period, students will learn the basics of pedestrian safety and driving safety.
  • The program starts indoors teaching the children the signs and lights of the road, as well as the proper method of safely crossing the street.
  • After the classroom instruction, children move outside to our miniature streets which include train tracks, street lights, crosswalks and street signs where they will practice their skills.
  • Each student will practice as a pedestrian, and being a safe "Driver" on our tricycles.
  • As this is an outdoor program, be prepared for any type of weather, this includes Sun Screen. Rain or shine we are out there. Parent helpers also take an active part.
  • Surprise appearance by Simon the Safety Bear

Contact the Calgary Safety Council for the current cost of this program.


Invite Simon and an instructor to your ECS / Grade one class to learn about safety: pedestrian, bicycle, home, and personal.

  • Program is 45 minutes in length and operates in the months of November, December, January, February, March and April each year.


Please contact the office for details.